Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

As I think about what this day means, Love is not a touchy feely thing as so many people believe. Love is hanging in there when times are tough. It is remembering the commintment you made when you look at your husband or wife and wonder what you were thinking when you married this person.

I think of how my husband demonstrates love to me. 1 Corinthians 13 says " is patient, love is kind." This is how I am treated each day as my husband has to help me with so many things I can't do myself. He opens jars, his carries my dinner downstairs, he opens car doors, he gives me his arm as we walk, he helps me out of chairs when I can't get up. He also has this marriage vows of "...for better for worse, in sickness and in health."

So many young people go into marriage today like we use to date. They stick it out for a while until they get tired of the person or someone better comes along. They forget the vows they made - "till death do us part". I think they just need to leave that out because it has no meaning anymore. Or better yet, teach young people what that means.

I have been married for nearly 47 years and my husband knows everything about me. He was with me when I lost my parents and my brothers. He has been through all my illnesses such as heart problems and cancer. The love we have today is vastly different than the love we had so many years ago. It is deeper and so much more real.

This love is what I wiah for all those I love Happy Valentine's Day to all those I love.