Saturday, October 3, 2009


My last post was of the joyous news of the birth of our new grandson, Myles. We had rushed to the hospital with excitement. A week later we were rushing back to the same hospital with fear and dread of what we might find.

We had been to Valdosta to visit our daughter, Kellie, and her family and celebrate the birthdays of two of our granddaughters. I also had a visit with my cousin and her husband and we had had such fun. On the way back home we were going to stop at Marcy's house and leave her wheat which we had forgotten to leave when we stopped on the way down.

We pulled into the driveway and I sensed something was wrong. Her van and my other daughter, Kellie's van, were not there. (Kellie had driven up for the day to see Myles). McKenzie and her cousin, Lydia came out of the house to greet us. The news was not good. Marc, Matthew, and Malachi had been in a wreck. Malachi was in the house with scratches and a leg that was hurting (later discovered broken). Matthew and Marc were at the hospital trama center in Macon. The news was that Marc was okay and Matthew was hurt with a possible head injury.

Marcy's neighbor rode with us to the hospital to drive Kellie's car back and help us find the trama center. When we got there we went to Matthew's room. I thought I would pass out when I saw him. This person laying there with his eyes shut and not responding could not be the boy that always has such a sweet smile for his grandma. His face was cut in many places, his collar bone was cracked, he had a possible broken leg, other internal bruising, and a concusssion. The concern was his lack of response. After what seemed hours had passed, he began to come to and they moved him to a room. By the time we left the hospital, he was talking to us.

Throughout the whole ordeal, we can see God's merciful care was there. There was miracle after miracle, from a neighbor coming upon the accident and able to call his mother who called Marcy, to Kellie pulling in the driveway just in time to take Marcy to the scene of the accident to get Malachi.

Marcy and Marc are blessed with a wonderful church family and four men went immediately to the hospital to be with them. They took care of many little details and also provided a car for them to use.

Yesterday we were able to visit Marcy and her family and see for ourselves that the family is okay. Malachi has learned to move around quickly on his bottom with his cast and Matthew beat me at Scrabble.

We are thanking and praising God!