Saturday, May 16, 2009

The importance of family

I recently made contact with one of my cousins. We had not seen each other or talked in years. One of my daughters recently moved to the city where my cousin lives and I decided to e-mail her. We e-mailed several times and when I visited my daughter, my cousin and I went out to lunch. There were some hurt feelings and misunderstandings from the past but we both said the past is in the past. You can't change it but you also cannot allow it to rob you of precious relationships.
When my cousin, Bette, was in her late teens she came to live with my family. She became like a sister to me and I have many fond memories of her. She, my grandma, and I were in a bedroom together. That is one of my memories and a blessing in my life. Young people today have their own rooms and close themselves up in there with their TVs, computers, etc. They are missing an opportunity to grow close with others.
After our visit, I told one of my granddaughters to never let anything interfere with her relationship with her cousins. My grandchildren are very close and I pray they stay close as they grow up. Bette is only one of two people still alive that remember me as a child. We have a history. I think as you grow older you realize how short life is and nothing is worth losing a relationship with someone you love.
It is easy sometimes to get your feelings hurt or get mad over a situation that needs to be resolved. It is especially important for Christians to resolve differences and forgive and forget. If you have a situation you are still carrying a hurt or anger from get it settled at once. You may not have another day to make peace. God tells us if we don't offer forgiveness to our fellow man, He will not forgive us our sins. Wow! That is a heavy load.
I am thankful that Bette is once again in my life. I am also glad one of my daughters and some of my granchildren met her. They have heard many stories about my childhood and had heard about Bette so they were happy to finally see her.

Friday, May 1, 2009


McKenzie and Lydia
L-R Madeline, Lydia, McKenzie, Abigail



All the girls...