Monday, September 21, 2009

It's a boy!!!

Yesterday morning we received a call from my son in law, Marc, and he said that were at the hospital and baby # 6 was about to be born. We quickly got dressed and arrived right after he was born. He weighs 8# 12oz. and is 21 inches long. He looks like his sister Madeline but has dark hair. He is beautiful. He checked out perfect and his Mommy was busy nursing him when she noticed he was blue looking so off to the NICU. This is nothing new for them since 3 others have had breathing problems but still not pleasant. Talked with Marcy today and he is checking out fine and will soon be back in her room.

This is grandbaby number 14 and it was just as exciting as all the other births. Each child is special and unique. I got to see him but not hold him but we will visit Friday on the way to Kellie's house and I will get to love on him a little while. Then on to Kellie's to love on Lily Kate #13.

God has truly blessed us with wonderful children, great son s in law, and 14 "perfect" grandchildren. What more could you ask?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My granddaughter, Carrington, has been telling me I needed to do a new post so here goes. I have been pretty much "chair bound" because of an attack with my gout. I am tired of TV and tire of the computer. Don't have anything to read.

I had hoped to put a lot of wisdom into this blog, but I haven't done a real good job. I stay busy looking at my granddaughters and daughters blogs instead.

I few days ago my daughter, Monica, wrote on tribute to her childhood on her blog. It made me so happy to read of the memories she has and that they are good memories. She made me cry but they were good tears.

I wish every child could have good memories of their childhood. If I had to say what is most important thing you can do for your child, it would be:

1. live your faith before them

2. spend lots of time doing family fun activities

3. don't stress the little things

4. have many holiday traditions

5. time with grandparents (my kids had so much fun with my mom and dad)

6. be consistent with discipline (we were not so good with this one)

For example #4 - Bunny tracks on Easter "as he stepped in a plate of flour by the front door"

Christmas calendars (we made homemade ornaments out of scrapes of ribbon, lace, paper, etc. and put them on a poster board calendar we drew)

picking apples in the fall and going to a pumpkin farm

None of the things we did cost a lot of money. Take advantage of what is around you.

We try hard to make good memories for our grandchildren too. I love Christmas (eveything about it) and I try to make it fun for all although we are getting a little crowded. The grandkids do a play each year and last year we had to move to the church.

Family is the most important thing we have and praying for each one is very important. That's all the wisdom I have tonight. You better read this, Carrington.