Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Joy

Even though it is only December 5th I have already had a wonderful Christmas. The day after Thanksgiving everyone was gone but Kellie's family. The guys had gotten my tree and decorations out the night before and set up the tree. Kellie and Scott left to go shopping and the kids and I decorated the tree. It was so much fun. That afternoon the girls, Abigail and Lydia, shut ourselves in "Grandma's workshop" and they wrapped all my presents while I told them funny stories of their Mom when she was younger. We had so much fun and it was great to be able to spend time with them like that. I did find out that Lydia takes after me - she loves Bob's peppermint candy. She ate LOTS of it.

Last Monday my daughter, Marcy, called and asked if I could take a day off from work. Of course, I said yes and Wednesday night McKenzie and Madeline came to spend a couple of days with us. What fun we all had! McKenzie wanted to spend time sewing (she left her sewing machine at home and also the directions for what she was making). Luckily I have two machines and we were also able to figure out the pattern. Madeline wanted to bake and she made 5 different kinds of cookies (yummy). They got to take a walk with their granddad over to where they use to live and they enjoyed that. We ate mexican and watched "A Man Called Peter" and we all cried (or felt like it) at the end. Well, at least I cried. We had a wonderful time and I hope made good memories for all the kids. Time spent with them is very precious and we treasure every minute.

Next week we will spend a couple of days with Carrington and Clayton and then Christmas with all the gift giving, food, and the wonderful Christmas program the kids do each year.

I wish for each of you happy times and the making of wonderful memories.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bits and Pieces

It has been a while since I posted and a lot has happened. I had a major gout attack and was down for a couple of weeks. Lost the use of my left hand. It is slowly coming back but still don't have any strength in it. Gout has just about robbed me of everything I enjoy. I did get a good report yesterday that my uric acid level had gone down. That was the first good news I had gotten since I started having problems with gout.

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving when all my girls and their children and husbands will be at our house. What fun we will have and it will be a zoo with 14 grandchildren. Everyone will bring something and I will fix the turkey and dressing. Ed may have to get in on the "fun" and help me in the kitchen.

We are in Blue Ridge GA right now. This is one of our favorite places to visit; especially Mercier's Apple Store. We will be taking apples (pink lady) back for the three girls. Yummy!!! Saturday we will go to Carrington's drama recital and Sunday we will drive to Marcy's for the girls piano recital. A very busy weekend! Nothing else we would rather be doing than spending time with our grandkids. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


My last post was of the joyous news of the birth of our new grandson, Myles. We had rushed to the hospital with excitement. A week later we were rushing back to the same hospital with fear and dread of what we might find.

We had been to Valdosta to visit our daughter, Kellie, and her family and celebrate the birthdays of two of our granddaughters. I also had a visit with my cousin and her husband and we had had such fun. On the way back home we were going to stop at Marcy's house and leave her wheat which we had forgotten to leave when we stopped on the way down.

We pulled into the driveway and I sensed something was wrong. Her van and my other daughter, Kellie's van, were not there. (Kellie had driven up for the day to see Myles). McKenzie and her cousin, Lydia came out of the house to greet us. The news was not good. Marc, Matthew, and Malachi had been in a wreck. Malachi was in the house with scratches and a leg that was hurting (later discovered broken). Matthew and Marc were at the hospital trama center in Macon. The news was that Marc was okay and Matthew was hurt with a possible head injury.

Marcy's neighbor rode with us to the hospital to drive Kellie's car back and help us find the trama center. When we got there we went to Matthew's room. I thought I would pass out when I saw him. This person laying there with his eyes shut and not responding could not be the boy that always has such a sweet smile for his grandma. His face was cut in many places, his collar bone was cracked, he had a possible broken leg, other internal bruising, and a concusssion. The concern was his lack of response. After what seemed hours had passed, he began to come to and they moved him to a room. By the time we left the hospital, he was talking to us.

Throughout the whole ordeal, we can see God's merciful care was there. There was miracle after miracle, from a neighbor coming upon the accident and able to call his mother who called Marcy, to Kellie pulling in the driveway just in time to take Marcy to the scene of the accident to get Malachi.

Marcy and Marc are blessed with a wonderful church family and four men went immediately to the hospital to be with them. They took care of many little details and also provided a car for them to use.

Yesterday we were able to visit Marcy and her family and see for ourselves that the family is okay. Malachi has learned to move around quickly on his bottom with his cast and Matthew beat me at Scrabble.

We are thanking and praising God!

Monday, September 21, 2009

It's a boy!!!

Yesterday morning we received a call from my son in law, Marc, and he said that were at the hospital and baby # 6 was about to be born. We quickly got dressed and arrived right after he was born. He weighs 8# 12oz. and is 21 inches long. He looks like his sister Madeline but has dark hair. He is beautiful. He checked out perfect and his Mommy was busy nursing him when she noticed he was blue looking so off to the NICU. This is nothing new for them since 3 others have had breathing problems but still not pleasant. Talked with Marcy today and he is checking out fine and will soon be back in her room.

This is grandbaby number 14 and it was just as exciting as all the other births. Each child is special and unique. I got to see him but not hold him but we will visit Friday on the way to Kellie's house and I will get to love on him a little while. Then on to Kellie's to love on Lily Kate #13.

God has truly blessed us with wonderful children, great son s in law, and 14 "perfect" grandchildren. What more could you ask?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My granddaughter, Carrington, has been telling me I needed to do a new post so here goes. I have been pretty much "chair bound" because of an attack with my gout. I am tired of TV and tire of the computer. Don't have anything to read.

I had hoped to put a lot of wisdom into this blog, but I haven't done a real good job. I stay busy looking at my granddaughters and daughters blogs instead.

I few days ago my daughter, Monica, wrote on tribute to her childhood on her blog. It made me so happy to read of the memories she has and that they are good memories. She made me cry but they were good tears.

I wish every child could have good memories of their childhood. If I had to say what is most important thing you can do for your child, it would be:

1. live your faith before them

2. spend lots of time doing family fun activities

3. don't stress the little things

4. have many holiday traditions

5. time with grandparents (my kids had so much fun with my mom and dad)

6. be consistent with discipline (we were not so good with this one)

For example #4 - Bunny tracks on Easter "as he stepped in a plate of flour by the front door"

Christmas calendars (we made homemade ornaments out of scrapes of ribbon, lace, paper, etc. and put them on a poster board calendar we drew)

picking apples in the fall and going to a pumpkin farm

None of the things we did cost a lot of money. Take advantage of what is around you.

We try hard to make good memories for our grandchildren too. I love Christmas (eveything about it) and I try to make it fun for all although we are getting a little crowded. The grandkids do a play each year and last year we had to move to the church.

Family is the most important thing we have and praying for each one is very important. That's all the wisdom I have tonight. You better read this, Carrington.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Life Changes in a Flash

This has been a rough summer for our family. Several of us had a virus that lasted three weeks for me. I haven't felt real good all summer and about two weeks ago I went to the emergency room with congestive heart failure. I had gained a lot of weight and most of it was fluid. This makes it very difficult for my heart to work and it also weakens it. I spent three days in the hospital and came home feeling no better. I have lost twenty pounds of fluid and am beginning to feel better.

Last Saturday night I was watching TV when the phone rang. Ed answered it and I could tell it was not a good call. It seems about 2:00 that afternoon Mariah had been kicked in the chest by a horse. This is the second time she has been kicked. She had been taken to Macon by ambulance and was at Children's Hospital. She had a laceration to the spleen and they were watching it for bleeding. She spent three days in the hospital and now they are having to keep her quiet while it heals. This is not an easy task for any child but especially Mariah. She is busy playing outside all the time.

As I think about all that has happened, I am reminded how precious life is and how precious our families are. I feel so blessed to have so many grandchildren and wish I could spend more time with them. I enjoy telling them stories of the past and I hope they pass these stories down to their children and grandchildren. My hearts desire is to make good memories for my grandchildren. I wish the little ones could have known the active, busy grandma that the older ones remember. My goal is to try and get in better shape so I will have time with the little ones too.

I am so proud of the way our girls are raising their children. Tonight we ate out and I cringed as I watched a little baby (About 8 or 9 months) eating off his mothers plate and drinking her coke. My girls work hard to feed their kids in a healthy way. I hope they keep these habits as they get older so they can have long, healthy lives.

I do't know what the future holds but I do know Who holds the future. Each of you that reads this let your family know how much you love them. Life is short.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Pictures of Lily Kate~

About two weeks ago, we went to visit Kellie, to see Lily Kate. She is so precious! I love getting to see them for the first time!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lily Katherine has arrived

Well, baby 13 decided not to be a 4th of July baby but we will still celebrate her birth every year during that time, I am sure. Her name is Lily Katherine but will be called Lily Kate. She weighed 9 pounds and is 20 inches long so she is a chunk. Mama Kellie had a pretty long labor but it took only 2 pushes to get her into the world. Marcy, Kellie's sister who is due in September, is praying her delivery will be that easy. With Kellie was, Scott the coach, Marcy, and the two big sisters, along with the midwife. Thirteen grandchildren and this birth was just as exciting and she is just as precious as all the others. Each child is unique, wonderful, and created in the image of God. How amazing and what a miracle. We thank God for a safe delivery and a precious, healthy baby. I have been sick so I haven't even gotten to see her yet but thank goodness for e-mail and pictures.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Real 4th of July Celebration

I got a call tonight July 3rd and it looks like grandbaby # 13 will be a "A Yankee Doodle Dandy", a real live niece of Uncle Sam. I have wakened several times during the night and immediately prayed for Kellie and the baby. It is hard not knowing if she (Kellie) is in the hospital, in labor, or possibly already holding the precious baby girl. It is also hard not to be on my way there but I have been sick and running a fever for nearly two weeks and we are sure not going to take any stupid chances. I can't wait to hear who she is and to hold her. I wonder she will look like Abigail or Lydia? What will her personality be like? My prayer for her is that she will be healthy, happy, and love the Lord with all her heart as she grows into a young woman. Will post the name as soon as I know it. Better get back to sleep.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Special Verse

I recently read a book and throughout the book they referred to a verse of scripture. "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." I think they put the wrong reference and I have not tried to find it yet but the verse really spoke to me. I thought about all the health problems I have and used this verse to see what I should be doing. I need to be joyful as I hope for healing, I need to be patient in my pain and not let it depress me, and I need to be faithful to pray each day no matter what. This is my interpretation of the verse for me.

I do get very depressed for several reasons. I know I brought much of this on myself and even though I have asked God's forgiveness I still let it bother me. It is very frustrating to not be able to do the things I want to do. I love to sew and quilt and my dream has always been to make each grandchild a quilt. Doesn't look like it will happen. I also get depressed because I can't enjoy my grandchildren like I want to. I can't play with them the way I used to.

We did so want to spend time with each one of them and we never get to do that. They come as families but never one at a time. I have good memories of time I spent with my granddaddy just hanging out in his back yard and talking. The one thing I can do is pray for them. They are all so different and unique. It is amazing the different personalities that God puts in each of us in the same families. There are the funny ones, the talented ones, the deep thinkers, the considerate and kind ones, and so many others. They are raised in the same home but they make different choices and go in different directions. We have dancers, piano players, singers, horse lovers, sports lovers, the very smart ones (all of them), the ones that fill us with laughter, the ones who are kind and gentle, the ones so like their grandpa, some that love animals and others that don't, some love flowers, some like to play jokes, some can't be still, and on and on.

To these precious grandchildren I want to leave a heritage that they can be proud of. I want them to know their grandma loved the Lord with all her heart. I want to be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The importance of family

I recently made contact with one of my cousins. We had not seen each other or talked in years. One of my daughters recently moved to the city where my cousin lives and I decided to e-mail her. We e-mailed several times and when I visited my daughter, my cousin and I went out to lunch. There were some hurt feelings and misunderstandings from the past but we both said the past is in the past. You can't change it but you also cannot allow it to rob you of precious relationships.
When my cousin, Bette, was in her late teens she came to live with my family. She became like a sister to me and I have many fond memories of her. She, my grandma, and I were in a bedroom together. That is one of my memories and a blessing in my life. Young people today have their own rooms and close themselves up in there with their TVs, computers, etc. They are missing an opportunity to grow close with others.
After our visit, I told one of my granddaughters to never let anything interfere with her relationship with her cousins. My grandchildren are very close and I pray they stay close as they grow up. Bette is only one of two people still alive that remember me as a child. We have a history. I think as you grow older you realize how short life is and nothing is worth losing a relationship with someone you love.
It is easy sometimes to get your feelings hurt or get mad over a situation that needs to be resolved. It is especially important for Christians to resolve differences and forgive and forget. If you have a situation you are still carrying a hurt or anger from get it settled at once. You may not have another day to make peace. God tells us if we don't offer forgiveness to our fellow man, He will not forgive us our sins. Wow! That is a heavy load.
I am thankful that Bette is once again in my life. I am also glad one of my daughters and some of my granchildren met her. They have heard many stories about my childhood and had heard about Bette so they were happy to finally see her.

Friday, May 1, 2009


McKenzie and Lydia
L-R Madeline, Lydia, McKenzie, Abigail



All the girls...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

post from granddaughter...

Since my grandmother is to busy to post, I thought that I would! So I that I would do a little post myself! So we got here this afternoon, and have been having Easter fun since we arrived. They go all out when we come for visits, and they make it very special for us all. We are very blessed to have such great grandparents as them. Please check back soon, to see more posts! : ) Have a great day! Happy Easter!

Friday, April 10, 2009

I was talking with my husband the other day and he was saying Easter is a pagan word. My daughter said her pastor says Resurrection Day. That is better. Today is Good Friday and it is a good day for those of us who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. I have many god memories of past Easters. Childhood memories and young adult memories and Easters with our children and now with our grandchildren. We are blessed this year to all be together. I have been busy cooking and Ed has been busy cutting grass. We ain't the people we use to be. It takes me a lot longer to get things done and many things I can't do. But I am glad to be alive and blessed with such a precious family.

I can still see my brother and his family, my cousin and her family, and my grandparents coming up the drive way at my mom and dad's to have Easter dinner. It was fun. I remember my grandmother usually had on her fur cape. She would roll over in her grave if she knew it was now in my granddaughters dress up box. They have fun with it.

I wish for everyone who reads this a blessed Ressurrection Day.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

As I think about what this day means, Love is not a touchy feely thing as so many people believe. Love is hanging in there when times are tough. It is remembering the commintment you made when you look at your husband or wife and wonder what you were thinking when you married this person.

I think of how my husband demonstrates love to me. 1 Corinthians 13 says " is patient, love is kind." This is how I am treated each day as my husband has to help me with so many things I can't do myself. He opens jars, his carries my dinner downstairs, he opens car doors, he gives me his arm as we walk, he helps me out of chairs when I can't get up. He also has this marriage vows of "...for better for worse, in sickness and in health."

So many young people go into marriage today like we use to date. They stick it out for a while until they get tired of the person or someone better comes along. They forget the vows they made - "till death do us part". I think they just need to leave that out because it has no meaning anymore. Or better yet, teach young people what that means.

I have been married for nearly 47 years and my husband knows everything about me. He was with me when I lost my parents and my brothers. He has been through all my illnesses such as heart problems and cancer. The love we have today is vastly different than the love we had so many years ago. It is deeper and so much more real.

This love is what I wiah for all those I love Happy Valentine's Day to all those I love.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The blessing of family.

I have been sitting here writing my son a letter. As I wrote, I began to wonder "does he care if he hears from me?" We never hear from him but he always seems to enjoy it when we call him. His is a long story but I won't go into all of it but just to say he got off to a rough start. He came to live with us when he was 2 1/2. We tried to "train him up in the way he should go" but he turned away from that way. Did we make mistakes? Of course, we made many just as all parents do. I look at so many families that think they are teaching their children the right things just to see them turn away as teenagers or adults. Why? I think it is because God has given us a free will. We make good choices and some not so good. But does God leave us? Of course not. We turn away from Him. He never changes.

As I look at my grandchildren, I see their parents diligently teaching and training them. They are covered in prayer. I pray for them also and I have to trust God to care for them. As I watch the older ones grow, I pray they will be an example for the younger ones. I pray for their parents to have wisdom as they train and teach the children. I am so thankful we have three daughters who love the Lord and three sons in law who also love the Lord. The husbands support them as they teach the children each day. They encourage them to stay home and be keepers of the home. It is not an easy job but God will bless them for their obedience.

My prayer is that, when the grandchildren are grown, they will remember they had grandparents that loved them, prayed for them, and enjoyed every minute that got to spend with them.

I have good memories of my grandparents. One grandmother lived with us and she was a godly woman. I remember her saying her prayers by my little brother.s bed when she put him down for the night. She was a tiny, humble lady who never had wordly possessions. She had no way to live on her own so she lived with us. She sewed and cooked and took care of us. What a blessing that was.

My other grandmother was very different but I have good memories of her too. But most of all, I remeber my granddaddy. When I spent the night with them, he was the one I spent time with. He also picked us up every Sunday morning and took us to church. He was a good and godly man.

As I think of my grandparents, I realize grandparents have an important role in the lives of their grandchildren. One thing I do know, is that I have fun with my grandchildren. I want to give them good memories.

If you are reading this and you are a grandparent, pray for your grandchildren. Spend time with them and make them laugh. Give them good memories.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Things we have lost

1. Etiquette - Was looking for a book on etiquette for one of my granddaughters and when I asked about it the salesgirl said, "Is that the name of the book?" I tried to explain what it was and she took me to the teen section and showed me a book about sex.

2. Dressing in our best for church.

3. Whatever happened to ladies with hats and men also?

4. Ladies in dresses and sitting like ladies. I pass a college campus every morning and nearly everyone has on jeans. Once in a while you will see a skirt but very seldom.

5. Teaching children manners and respect..

6. Music - what they call music today is mostly noise.

7. Courtesy at the counter. When I worked in a department store as a teenager, we were told if we were not busy to look busy. Fold clothes, make things neat. I was also told, "the customer is king". In fact, in our training room was a picture of a lion with that saying under it.

8. Now you have to wai for the employee to finish her conversation or she rings you up while talking to someone else and never acknowledges that you are there.

9. Whatever happen to gentlemen? I recently had a man race me for a parking space. In a motel recently, I was nearly knocked down by a young man trying to get to a table.

10. Whatever happen to ladies? Ladies do not let their bust and/or their rear end show. Ladies don't swear in public. Ladies don't yank their children by the arm and yell shut up.

Okay, okay. I hear you calling me an old lady but we have lost the culture I grew up in and it is not a good thing. Let me know what you think.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Question for young women

I have posted a question to young women wondering how many feel pressured to have a career plus marriage and a family. When I was growing up and someone asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up, the answer for young girls was, "a nurse, a teacher, or a mother". Today, it is assumed by so many that every young girl should go to college and have a career. I encouraged my three daughters to go to college but I am thankful they have a desire to be home with their children teaching them and training them in the way of the Lord. Why did I encourage them to go to college? We got in a situation where I felt I was expected to go to work and "help pay the bills". Not by my husband, but by a church where he was employed. Since I had no training, I had to work in a profession I had no interest in. My desire was to be at home with my children. If I had it to do over again, I would stay home.

I think the church is failing in their teaching of young men and women and what the Bible says about their roles in life. Titus 2 is clear that women are to be keepers of the home. That is hard to do when you aren't there. Let me know what you think.