Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Joy

Even though it is only December 5th I have already had a wonderful Christmas. The day after Thanksgiving everyone was gone but Kellie's family. The guys had gotten my tree and decorations out the night before and set up the tree. Kellie and Scott left to go shopping and the kids and I decorated the tree. It was so much fun. That afternoon the girls, Abigail and Lydia, shut ourselves in "Grandma's workshop" and they wrapped all my presents while I told them funny stories of their Mom when she was younger. We had so much fun and it was great to be able to spend time with them like that. I did find out that Lydia takes after me - she loves Bob's peppermint candy. She ate LOTS of it.

Last Monday my daughter, Marcy, called and asked if I could take a day off from work. Of course, I said yes and Wednesday night McKenzie and Madeline came to spend a couple of days with us. What fun we all had! McKenzie wanted to spend time sewing (she left her sewing machine at home and also the directions for what she was making). Luckily I have two machines and we were also able to figure out the pattern. Madeline wanted to bake and she made 5 different kinds of cookies (yummy). They got to take a walk with their granddad over to where they use to live and they enjoyed that. We ate mexican and watched "A Man Called Peter" and we all cried (or felt like it) at the end. Well, at least I cried. We had a wonderful time and I hope made good memories for all the kids. Time spent with them is very precious and we treasure every minute.

Next week we will spend a couple of days with Carrington and Clayton and then Christmas with all the gift giving, food, and the wonderful Christmas program the kids do each year.

I wish for each of you happy times and the making of wonderful memories.